ANTICIPATED NUMBER OF ATTENDEES: we are a reasonably new event but expect 250 to 300 to attend. Do please tell your friends so we have enough people coming to encourage us to keep going!

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here (if booking site not yet available it will be soon!)

April is a popular time for going out and camping in this part of the world as it cooling – the average day temperature is 21 degrees (C), and it is at the end of the wet season. In October (early Spring) we are coming out of a long dry season, and the temperatures again will be comfortable - down to 17 degrees (C) at night, and lovely during the day. It is unlikely to rain but you never know.  
The 5 acre site is flat and grassed, but good shoes are recommended. There will be plenty of chairs in front of the stage for your viewing comfort. And best to bring a good hat!
Food and drink (including alcohol) will be sold on site, so it is
not a BYO event.
There are new water tanks at Wominjeka Park, so bring your water bottles and drink rainwater!
There will be BBQ on the Saturday night and a cooked brunch on the Sunday morning. There will be a coffee van on site.
If people would like to bring their pet then it must be on a leash at all times.

SMOKERS: Please note that the site is a no smoking area, however there will be a cordoned off area near the front gate for smokers.

Wominjeka Park will be closed from 6pm Sunday afternoon, so at this point camping is only for the Saturday night.

GETTING THERE: It is simplest to drive, but the rail station is only an easy kilometre or so away, so visitors could take the train and walk, and locals could bike….

PARKING: for those who will not be staying the Saturday night, there will be a day parking area.

CAMPING: People are encouraged to set up camp and stay the Saturday night. The site is spread over 5 acres of flat, largely cleared grounds. There is no camping charge when attending the event.
There are toilets and tank water is available. There are no showers at the moment but we hope to have them in the future. Caravanners and trailers are welcome.

As mentioned, a big fire will be a feature of our event and there will be late night music around it, but guests who like to camp with friends and share music at their campsite are welcome to do so. So bring your instruments and well oiled voices!

Someone asked us whether we manage our campfire music sessions as everyone seems to have attended one where a few people dominated and few others got a look in. We had a look online but there wasn't much being said about it, so we figure it is common sense, but, just in case you'd like our view, here for your reading pleasure, is what we consider to be "Campfire Music Etiquette:

Campfires are beautiful and musicians love playing around them. We welcome your campfire performances at Eudlo Music Nights but ask you to respect a few little rules of etiquette so everyone gets to enjoy the experience.
1.Respect your neighbours – those sitting around the fire and those (if it is late at night) trying to sleep not too far away. At Eudlo Music Nights we welcome campfire music after the stage shows finish at 11pm, but encourage you to be finishing your show around the fire by around 1am.
2. Don’t use amplifiers. It is an unplugged gig.
3. Share with your neighbours. In campfire music terms, that means after you have played a song that features yourself, the person on your left then has the option of playing a song. If they don’t want to, it moves on to the person on their left, and that way the songs move around the campfire and everyone gets a go.
4. Joining in with others is encouraged but let the person whose turn it is to do the song be the soloist. Whether they are singing or playing flute, let them be heard and featured. That doesn’t mean others can’t play a solo, just be respectful and don’t dominate.
5. Encourage others to join in as well. You may be the best guitarist or singer at the campfire, but don’t hog the sound. As an example if there are 12 people around the fire who want to play or sing, you might play with a few of them, but let others play as well. Not only does it make for variety, but when you start playing again, people will listen to you with more interest!
6. If it is really popular and the seats around the fire are taken and there are people standing in the background, after you have done your song be generous and ask those behind you if they’d like to do a song. If not then the person on your left is next.
Treat others as you yourself would like to be treated.