Dear friends of the Eudlo Music Nights Festival,
Owing to Covid-19 the festival will not run in 2020.
Surely however all will get back on track and our festival will run again in 2021.
Do please watch this space or join us at

Welcome to the Home page of the Eudlo Music Nights (EMN), an overnight music event held in the small SE Queensland village of Eudlo (just over an hour north of Brisbane).
People sometimes lament the lack of opportunity to attend small music festivals that cross popular stylistic boundaries (folk, blues, jazz, country, rock, world, classical etc), are family friendly and allow people to let their hair down a bit – dance and party, and camp the night rather than worry about a late night drive home.
The grounds at Wominjeka Park (corner of Highlands and Mossybank Roads, Eudlo), which are managed by the
Eudlo Hall and Recreational Grounds Association Inc, provide just the venue for this sort of event, and the Glasshouse Musos are proud to be able to work with them in coordinating the entertainment for it. 
The inaugural EMN festivals were held in April and October 2018, and April and October 2019. Short clips with moments from the events can be found on our "Videos" page. Photos, artists and programs from all four festivals can be found under the "Past EMN" page.
The festival, held over a weekend, encourages locals, families and of course musicians to take part. There are 2 stages running for the festival - the Shed stage and the Paddock stage, and workshops and jams are held in the undercover area in front of the Pony Shed. Music is the feature of our festival, but we include other activities: A Poet's Breakfast, Chess with a Difference, star gazing, bird watching, yoga, a maypole and salsa dancing session, and children's activities such as percussion fun, along with open mics, unplugged jams, vocal and ukulele workshops, a cajon building and playing presentation, and a guitar repair ands building presentation). There will be a studio recording prize at the Sound Space in Peachester for an original artist who performs at the Eudlo Songwriters concerts.

The Eudlo Music Nights has been created by musicians for musicians and lovers of music. We are a friendly event and welcome you coming along and taking part! 
Our Facebook page will include regular updates for the event. Do please check it out
and if you are extra keen check out the Eudlo Hall Facebook group as well

THE TEAM in 2019 (We're all volunteers and you're welcome to join us, so contact us at if you’d like to play a role, we’d love your support.) 
 - Michael Whiticker 
Site and Infrastructure Manager
 - Peter Driscoll  
Administration - Stephanie Tonkin
Marketing - Kirsten Busteed
 and Production - Michael Whiticker, Doug Pullen, Mark Bancroft, Stu McGovern, Adrien Powell,
MC - Deni Chapple, Stephanie Tonkin, Shez Wright.
 - Wendy O'hanlon, Graham Verren, Kathy and Olive Pope, Glenys Anderson, Rob Wheeler, Ken O'Flarerty, Kellie Dendle, Ian Wright, Carla Bures, Kit Nicholls, Mira and Charles Living.
 - Stephanie Tonkin, Jenai Hooke, Merryn Cosgrove, Nicola Baker, Gordon Sutherland, Jane Ferguson, Thomas Whitton, Nycole Prowse, Gerard Canavan, Linley Boyle, Rhianna Boyle, Keith Boyle, Regina Renner, Majella Jacobson, Sally Todd, Roger Todd, Mariangela Lewis, Chris Lewis, David Hooke, Annabel Shepherd, Mark Olasek, Stacie Baker, Bente and Alan Petersen, Ian and Margaret Busteed, Kaye and Al Spierings, Anne Vickers, Maryann Uechtritz, Gordon and Judy Smith, Peta Scott, Nahum Szumer, Liz Orr, Jess and Jordan Edmeades, Sam Driscoll, Ian Ross Williams, Stu Mcgovern, Rebecca Finneran, Ian Wright, Mike Duggan, Peter Gawith, Mira and Charles Living, Gary and Cory Josland and Michael Whiticker. 
Poster and main image design
 - Nahum Szumer / Working Planet Design, Peter Driscoll
 - Michael Whiticker 
Workshops & Presentations
Crystal and Warren (Latin Dance with Fury). 
Peter Driscoll: Bird Watching
Linley Boyle: Yoga and Maypole Dancing
Tony: Chess with a Difference
John Fredericks: Songue Drums
Gavin Davidson (Glasshouse Guitar Works)
Mike Duggan Percussion
Cloudstreet (choral workshop)
Ian Ross Williams (Kid’s percussion and ukulele)

Video and Photography
 - Jordan Edmeades 

Thank you to Mapleton Tavern for loaning us their very large marquee.

Thank you to the
Sound Space and the Glasshouse Musos for providing the PA systems for the festival.
Thank you to the Sound Space for providing studio recording time for the winning songwriting artist from the Songwriting concerts

A HUGE thank you to all our

And a special thank you to the 
Musicians, some of whom are performing for a low fee or no fee at all. Cheers, we couldn't do it without you!


We’d also like to thank Sunshine Coast Council for providing recent assistance in refurbishment of the facilities at Wominjeka Park. 
It is all the behind the scenes work which makes allows events such as ours to happen. Thank you to all who have given so freely of their talents and time! 

APOLOGIES REGARDING WEBSITE: We have had to upgrade to a new version of our website software and the many third party plugs ins that come with it. At this point one or two things aren't working perfectly (specifically links, photos and videos) but rather than not update the website we are going with a less than 100% functional website. Our apologies.